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Advantages of Galvanized Pipes

Date:2018-01-24    View:823      Tag:Advantages of Galvanized Pipes
The advantages of galvanized pipe are as follows:
First, the surface of the galvanized tube after hot-dip galvanizing can be protected and difficult to access at the corners of the tube lumen or any other coating. Deeper zinc can easily reach the top, protecting the entire galvanized tube.

Second, after galvanized the galvanized tube, its impact and abrasion resistance is very good since the hardness of the galvanized layer is greater than the hardness of the steel so that the abrasion resistance after impact galvanizing and hot dip galvanizing is quite good. In addition, the biggest advantage of galvanizing is that the corners of the zinc layer will be thicker, with better toughness and wear resistance, while other coatings tend to be the thinnest and hardest to work in this corner and therefore vulnerable.

Third, hot dip galvanizing has one major feature that occasionally suffers considerable mechanical damage or other causes, a small portion of the zinc layer is peeled off and the iron base is exposed, and then it will center around the sacrificial spirit of galvanizing and other coatings To protect the steel here, so from erosion.

Finally, in the life and aesthetics of art such as hot-dip galvanizing, life expectancy is the proxy of the main coating thickness in a given environment, and its coating thickness is also determined by the thickness of the galvanized pipe and therefore more Thick galvanized pipe is easier to coat. Secondly, in the aesthetics and art, at this time in some serious corrosive environment, Zaishi lacquers above the zinc coating, as long as the correct choice of paint system, the construction of the anti-corrosion effect will be very convenient.
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