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Boiler Pickling

Date:2018-03-06    View:1277      Tag:Boiler Pickling
Boiler pickling steps are as follows

First, start the pickling, boiler economizer, fill the inner cylinder and soften the water wall.

Then, the boiler's ignition operation, when the temperature rises to 170-180f boiler, boiler flame, then pickling operation. Before pickling, superheaters are also suitable for desalination backfill to water overflowing to prevent acid or acid vapor from entering the superheater.

When the boiler acid charge, anyway, the boiler should not be fired. Drums and other vents should be opened to expel the acid and iron in the hydrogen. Before the hydrogen has been dissipated, it is important to avoid open flame or sparking equipment to prevent the risk of hydrogen explosions.

Finally, after the acid filling is completed, the boiler and economizer are soaked in the solution for about 6 hours and then the acid is drained and rinsed with a deionized water superheater. Drain acid, the acid is discharged, the operation of the boiler feed pump, the capacity of the boiler filled water-saving, water cut-off valve to prevent leakage.
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