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ERW pipe corrosion problems

Date:2018-03-08    View:885      Tag:ERW pipe corrosion problems
(1) The source of the outer coating evaluation
Literature records: "The steel surface conditions can be covered environment and the pipe insulation around four weeks, the pipe wall soil conditions are different, so the pipeline coating is to prevent soil erosion an important barrier." This is the evaluation of the outer coating of the basic starting point. Joe Leighton UK discussed pipe coating systems from two different perspectives: Europe's view is that it can withstand moisture and prevent corrosion, which is the "barrier" view. From this perspective, it has a "PE" protective layer approach. North America's view is to make it resistant to oxidation, chemical resistance and resistance to negative release to prevent corrosion, which is the view of "glue". From this perspective, a "new" layer of legal protection is created.

Another trend is the view that the diplomatic views of the two countries are called the combination of "barriers" and "bonds." The development of a new point of view, the forthcoming approach of the "PE" barrier in Europe and the "new" protection of North America Combination of methods to develop a comprehensive "3pe" legal protection layer. China's new ideas, new technologies, new methods have begun to promote the application.

(2) Basic functions of steel outer coating
There are two aspects:
First of all, from the electrochemical corrosion so that the surface of the ERW steel pipe, the soil erosion of the basic physical media to protect bacteria,
Resistance to soil medium creep stress, basic mechanical protection methods, static stress, wear resistance and structure.

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