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How to weld the welded pipe unit

Date:2018-05-28    View:418      Tag:How to weld the welded pipe unit
The welding process of welding pipeline unit is complicated and changeable by using uncoiling, pinch, straightening, shearing, orientation, butt welding, looper, and medium.
Welded pipe
The concrete butt welding process is:
1, when the coil is positioned well, the conical head of the coiler can be inserted into the coil at the same time, the lead is sent to the roller, and the roller is rolled down, and the coil car and the magnetic roller can be returned in situ.

2, in order for the spring steel to operate accurately in the center, the whole axial movement + 150mm before the uncoiler runs. After the uncoiler is started, the steel belt passes the pinch roll to the leveling machine with the dust removal device.

3, the straightening of the spring steel strip is used to cut the head and tail of the steel strip with a sliding hydraulic shear. (the steel strip head can be immediately slid into the inside of the scrap, the tail of the strip can be cut off by the output device, and the special container outside the strip is collected).

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