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The growth trend of US steel imports is or will be suppressed

Date:2018-06-11    View:682      Tag:The growth trend of US steel imports is or will be suppressed
In April, the total amount of steel imported from steel enterprises in the United States was 3 million 390 thousand tons, with an increase of 12.2% and 11.6% over the same period. However, according to market participants, the trend of import growth is expected to be suppressed in the third quarter of this year.
It is understood that the current price of hot-rolled steel and strip in the United States is 881 US dollars / ton. According to some traders, the price is expected to rise by about $50 per ton at the end of summer, due to a shortage of supply in the market.
At present, the negotiations between the US and the EU on tariff exemption for steel and aluminum are deadlocked. It is reported that the US trade representative office put forward import quotas to the EU, limiting the import of the United States from the EU to 90% of the US imports from the EU in 2017, but the proposal was rejected by the EU representative.
June 1st is the deadline for the EU to gain temporary exemption from customs duties. Up to May 31st Beijing time, there was no relevant news.
"The iron and steel industry in some countries is concerned about the current stalemate. This prospect has put pressure on investors' confidence and may hinder the global economic recovery. "
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