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Current seamless pipe standard in China

Date:2018-01-05    View:730      Tag:seamless pipe standard

DMH United Steel Industry Co.,Ltd will show you the current seamless pipe standard in china:

1. the current seamless pipe standard: there are 47 items: 19 GB, 25 HB, 3 special purposes; 45 items on the basis of 2 items.

2. common standards:

(1) GB/T 2102-2006 steel pipe acceptance, packaging, marking and certificate of quality.

GB/T 17395-2008 seamless steel pipe size, shape, weight and allowable deviation.
(3) GB 5310-2008 high pressure boiler with seamless steel pipe.
GB 9948-2013 seamless steel pipe used for petroleum cracking.
GB 6479-2013 high pressure chemical fertilizer equipment with seamless steel pipe.
Seamless steel tubes for GB 18248-2008 cylinder.

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