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Distinguish the good from the bad of thick- walled seamless tube

Date:2018-06-04    View:824      Tag:thick walled seamless tube

How to distinguish the good from the bad of thick walled tube? There are six ways to do this:

1, high quality composition is uniform, the thick wall seamless tube cold shearing machine high tonnage, cutting head end face smooth and neat, and shoddy material because the material is poor, cutting head end face often have meat, or uneven, and no metallic luster. And because the manufacturer of fake and inferior materials products cut the head less, the head and tail will appear big ears.

2. The pseudo-thick-walled seamless tube has no metallic luster and is of a reddish color or similar color to pig iron, for two reasons, its billets are adobe. The temperature of the fake and inferior materials is not standard, and their steel temperature is measured visually, so they cannot be rolled in accordance with the specified austenite area, and the performance of the thick wall seamless pipe cannot reach the standard naturally.

3. The material of the fake thick wall seamless pipe contains many impurities, and the density of steel is relatively small, and the size is seriously out of tolerance, so it can be weighed and checked without a vernier caliper.

4, and inferior thick-walled seamless tube cross section of the oval, because the factory in order to save material, the quantity of the finished product roll before 2 slants big, the strength of rebar is greatly decreased, but also do not conform to the standard of rebar shape size.

5. The surface of the seamless tube with fake thick wall is prone to scarring. There are two reasons: the pseudo thick seamless pipe with thick wall is not uniform in material and more impurities. Our guide equipment is simple and easy to stick steel. These impurities tend to scar after they bite people's roll.

6, and inferior material surface cracks easily, because its billet is adobe, adobe air, adobe in the process of cooling due to the effect of thermal stress, cracks, after rolling there is crack.

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