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Características del soporte de tubo de acero soldado por arco sumergido en espiral

Fecha:2018-02-09    Vista:698  Tag:Características del soporte de tubo de acero soldado por arco sumergido en espiral
Difference between the diameter of the spiral submerged arc welded pipe diameter and pipe joints things greater than the middle of the square steel bracket height; steel bottom bracket height greater than the above square steel bracket height; the bottom of the steel bracket intermediate layer is greater than the height of the square steel bracket ; Spiral pipe plant in the same spiral pipe, the two steel pipe joints between the ends of the mutual staggered along the length of the drill pipe along the longitudinal alignment; in the adjacent two steel pipe, the upper and lower drill pipe end of the things away from each other along the drill pipe Of the vertical arrangement; pit poor day drill pipe rod diameter and outer diameter of steel pipe drill pipe is greater than the highest square bracket height.

The utility model comprises a square top support, a middle and bottom of the square steel support, a connecting bolt, a support block, a support sleeve, an end and a protection block in the middle of the square steel support. The package support structure of the invention is simple and has a large carrying capacity, reduces the transportation cost and increases Production capacity.
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