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When steel pipe is completed and operational, it is the result of cooperation between a number of parties in the supply chain. These parties perform steps which are sequential and overlapping involved in the design, manufacturing, blasting, coating, handling, storage, transport and construction of steel pipe.

                                                                                 1. FINAL TEST---- Pipe on warehouse



                                                                                                                    2.FINAL TEST



                                                                                                   3. LOADING ON TO THE TRUCK



                                                                                                   4. LOADING ON TO THE TRUCK



                                                                                                       5. LOADING TO CONTAINER



 Pipe Protection:

Pipe-end protection is advisable in case the pipe-ends are bevelled at the pipe manufacturer. In the case of overseas transport, there is an especially increased risk of damaged pipe-ends. This is caused by extra handling procedures in ports and shifting of the pipes onboard vessels.

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