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Defectos de fabricación de la tubería de acero SSAW

Fecha:2018-02-09    Vista:1114  Tag:Defectos de fabricación de la tubería de acero SSAW
Spiral pipe often have "flaps" and other defects, many eddy current probe equipment often can not be found. Often visible to the naked eye, but not the only alarm such as equipment embarrassment. The emergence of fan-shaped eddy current alarm device, so that this situation has undergone fundamental changes. However, selecting the correct instrument and correctly detecting and adjusting it is still an important issue that can not be ignored. Another important factor is the reliability of the natural angle of tube surface defects. Theoretical and experimental studies show that when the azimuth of the artificial groove along the thickness direction of the outer surface of the pipe is 30 degrees, the surface defects of the artificial groove can not be detected in parallel, such as class delamination defects.

In the spiral submerged arc welded pipe production test, there is no detection of spiral pipe through the wall of a large hole magnetic flux leakage detection method. Spiral coil method for the detection of high-speed steel, for many years widely used in spiral steel quality inspection, especially the tightness testing of rebar. In use proved that the ferromagnetic spiral tube is difficult to get stuck in crack-like defects, so a high standard of ET, using the probe coil et method.
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