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Straight seam steel pipe manufacturing process

Date:2017-12-06    View:570      Tag:seamless steel pipe

 The main processing method of steel pipe is forged by forging hammer, the reciprocating impact or pressure of press the blank into the desired shape and size. Then you need to extrusion, rolling and pulling steel process.

Extrusion: steel metal on the closed extrusion Jane, end pressure, the metal from the die hole of the provisions of the extrusion processing methods are the same shape and size of the finished product;

Rolling: steel metal blank through the gap of a pair of rotating rolls (shapes), due to compression of the material roll reducing the section length increased, pressure processing method;

Pulling steel: metal blank will have rolled (type, tube, and other products) to dial a section of reduced processing method to increase the length of the mostly used for cold working die through.

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