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Sales Department +8673185648266

  • Pipe & Fittings Division

    Pipe & Fittings Division

     Project Manager :  Kent Lee
  • Oil&Gas Pipeline Division(Sur América)

    Oil&Gas Pipeline Division(Sur América)

    Project Manager: (Sur América ) Edwin
  • Industrial Pipeline Division

    Industrial Pipeline Division

     Project Manager : Anna
  • Offshore&Marine Division

    Offshore&Marine Division

     Project Manager : Alice
  • Oil&Gas Pipeline Division

    Oil&Gas Pipeline Division

    Project Manager : Lori
  • ERW & EFW Steel Pipe Division

    ERW & EFW Steel Pipe Division

    Sales Manager : Niki
  • SSAW Steel Pipe Division

    SSAW Steel Pipe Division

     Project Manager : Kiki
  • Seamless steel pipe Division

    Seamless steel pipe Division

     Sales Manager : Linda
  • Stainless steel pipe Division

    Stainless steel pipe Division

     Project Manager : Nora
  • SAWL & LSAW Steel Pipe Division

    SAWL & LSAW Steel Pipe Division

     Sales Manager : 
  • OCTG Division

    OCTG Division

    Project Manager : jasmine
  • Casing & Tubing Division

    Casing & Tubing Division

    Project Manager : Vicky-yan
  • Galvanized Pipe Division

    Galvanized Pipe Division

    Sales Manager :  Polly
  • Structural Steel Section Division

    Structural Steel Section Division

    Sales Manager : Kiki
  • API 5L Line Pipe Division

    API 5L Line Pipe Division

    Sales Manager: 
  • Alloy Steel Pipe Division

    Alloy Steel Pipe Division

     Sales Manager : jenni
  • Precision Steel tube Division

    Precision Steel tube Division

     Sales Manager : Fanny
  • Boiler Tube Division

    Boiler Tube Division

    Sales Manager : alisa
  • Steel material&stock pipe Division

    Steel material&stock pipe Division

     Sales Manager : Ethan
  • Coating Pipe Division

    Coating Pipe Division

     Sales Manager : Sophie

Oversea Center +73185648266

  • Latin America Market

    Latin America Market

    Project Manager : amyzhou
  • South America Market

    South America Market

    Project Manager : Edwin
  • Southeast Asian  Market

    Southeast Asian Market

     Project Manager : Mia 
  • Africa Market

    Africa Market

     Project Manager : Gladys
  • Europe Market

    Europe Market

    Project Manager : kathy
  • North Africa Market

    North Africa Market

     Project Manager : Veronique
  • Oceania Market

    Oceania Market

    Project Manager : Crystal
  • Central Asian Market

    Central Asian Market

    Project Manager : Jessica

Services Center +8673185648299

  • Service Department

    Service Department

    Manager : Cindy
  • Logistics Department

    Logistics Department

    Manager : Soul
  • Quality Department

    Quality Department

    Manager : Kerry
  • Factory  Department

    Factory Department

     Manager : Ady
  • HR Department

    HR Department

     Manager : Molica
  • Finance Department

    Finance Department

     Manager : Edison
  • E-Commerce  Department

    E-Commerce Department

     Director :  amber
  • After-sales Department

    After-sales Department

    Manager : Behzad
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