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  • Studded Tube

    Product: studded tubes, welded stud tubes,studded steel tubes,studded fin tubes
    Application:  Steel studded tubes are used instead of finned tubes for heat transfer in the petrochemical industry, generally in furnaces and boilers where the surface is exposed to a very corrosive environment and where very dirty gas streams require frequent or aggressive cleaning.
    Size:  OD: 38 mm ~219 mm
     WT: 4.0 mm ~20 mm /Tube Length (Mtr) :≤ 15Mtrs
     Fin Height: 6.0 mm ~ 38 mm
    Base Tube(fin) Material Carbon Steel
     Alloy Steel
    Stainless Steel

  • finned steel tube

    Product:  Finned Steel Tube, Welded Finned Tubes,spiral finned tube,Longitudinal Finned Tube
    Application:   Applied to heater configuration, applied to high temperature and high pressure scenarios
    Size:  OD: 15.88-165mm
     WT: 0.3-0.5mm
     LENGTH: ≤ 15Mtrs
    Pipe Standard:  ASTM A192   ASTM A179   ASTM A209   ASTM A210 
     JIS G3461     JIS G3462    JIS3463   DIN17175    EN 10216-2 
     A213 T5,T9,T11,T22,T91

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