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Concrete Coated Pipe

Product:  Concrete Coated Pipe, Concrete Weight Coating
Application:    Used for natural gas, petroleum, water & sewage, and pipe systems
Size:  OD: 219mm~2020mm
 WT: 5mm~25mm
 LENGTH: 4mtr, 6mtr, 12mtr, 18mtr, 21mtr
DIN 30670, DIN 30671, DIN 30678, SY/T0413-2002 etc. 
Pipe tape
  Submerged Arc Welded (LSAW/SSAW), Electric Resistance Welded
 Plain End/Bevelled End, Burr Removed
Coating Thickness
  Three Layer Polyethylene Coating (2mm~4.5mm)
Packing  Waterproof Paper wrapped, Steel Strips bundled, two tags on each bundle

   Concrete coated pipe types and dimensions

For to use in different circumstances in the sub-sea environment, the pipe could be in different dimensions, and available with different weight/thickness/density of concrete coatings, also can be processed with anti-corrosion coatings and insulation coatings.

  Dimensions ranges for Concrete Coated Pipe 

Mother pipe standards: API 5L Grade B to Grade 80. ISO 3183 Grade L245 to L555.

Diameter range: 6” to 60”

Pipe Thickness: SCH 20, SCH 40, SCH 80

Length: Up to 12 meters

   Benefits of concrete coated pipe

• Mechanical protection and negative buoyancy

• Anti-corrosion protection

• Excellent Compatibility

• Long-term adhesion to steel

• Well suited to reel laying methods

• High resistance to cathodic disbondment

• And much more

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