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Dear friends and our customers:
Thank you very much for your cooperation with us, and to help you get more details about our service, we show you our commitment to service.
USI has assumed a leadership role in the steel market for many years by providing technical service support to customers through our qualified and experienced personnel.
We will do our best to provide our customers with high quality and competitive product prices and excellent, attentive and prompt service.

☆ Pre-sale service: Professional and comprehensive pre-sale service guides directing your purchase.
1. Selection of support material (Standard, Grade).
2. Ensure that the metallurgical properties meet the requirements.
3. Integrate superior resources and evaluate the credit of factories.
4. Provide clients with timely, targeted, and competitive quotes.
5. Provide small and medium clients with personalized financial services.

☆ On-sale service: Meticulous and scientific on-sale service makes your choice more secure and reliable.
1. Review the contact, confirm or amend the uncertainties or problems that need to be resolved through the negotiations of both parties.
2. Assign production orders and arrange production based on requirements.
3. Supervise the production process on the scene and meet individual customer requirements.
4. Monitor the production schedule in real time to ensure timely delivery.
5. Inspect port storage conditions to prevent cargo from excessive oxidation.
6. Integrate customers" different charges and supply one-stop CFR services, control transportation quality and watch cargo for customers.

☆ After-sales service: Detailed and prompt after-sales service provides support and guarantee for your benefits.
1. Allow weight claims within 30 days after cargoes arrive at port of destination against third party inspection report
2. Allow quality claims within 45 days after cargoes arrive at destination port against third party inspection report We
also provide value-added services such as:
1. Priming and coating as per customer"s need
2. Hot dip galvanized and zinc coated as required by the application
3. Cut and weld structures as required

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