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Studded Tube

Product: studded tubes, welded stud tubes,studded steel tubes,studded fin tubes
Application:  Steel studded tubes are used instead of finned tubes for heat transfer in the petrochemical industry, generally in furnaces and boilers where the surface is exposed to a very corrosive environment and where very dirty gas streams require frequent or aggressive cleaning.
Size:  OD: 38 mm ~219 mm
 WT: 4.0 mm ~20 mm /Tube Length (Mtr) :≤ 15Mtrs
 Fin Height: 6.0 mm ~ 38 mm
Base Tube(fin) Material Carbon Steel
 Alloy Steel
Stainless Steel

Base Tube O.D Base Tube Thickness (mm) Fin Height Tube Length (Mtr)
mm mm
38 mm ~219 mm 4.0 mm ~20 mm 6.0 mm ~ 38 mm ≤ 15Mtrs
Base Tube Material Fin Material
Carbon Steel ,Alloy Steel ,Stainless Steel Carbon Steel ,Alloy Steel ,

What is a Studded Tube?

Studded tubes are a type of metal tubes. These tubes have studs welded onto the metal tube. 

These studs are arranged in a specific formation throughout the length of the tube.

 They are often used in boilers and refineries. As they increase the surface area for higher heat transfer they are used for reheating.

Features of a Studded Tube

  • It occupies less space and is, therefore, compact.
  • Highly durable.
  • Preferred over Finned tubes as they act as heat transfer systems.

Making of a Studded Tube

When an electric current is passed at the contact point of the studs and the tube, this, in turn, provides resistance. 

The resistance causes heat to be produced which is then used for welding. 

Maximum heat is generated at the interface of the tube and the studs due to maximum resistance. 

No external heat source is used to weld the studs and tubes together. 

The pressure is used to forge the two together instead.

 Hence, they are extremely useful in the process that works under high temperature and pressure.

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