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Titanium Pipe


 Titanium pipe,Titanium tube,Titanium pipe welding,Titanium Round Seamless Pipe


 Used for Oil/Gas/Water transmission,chemical plant,aerospace industry


 OD: 1/8-80(10.3mm-2032mm)

 WT: 0.5-30mm(0.020-1.18)

 LENGTH: 5.8/6/11.8/12m

Pipe Standard: 

ASTM B861 GR.1/GR.2/GR.2H/GR.3/GR.5/GR.7..etc

ASTM B862 GR.1/GR.2/GR.2H/GR.3/GR.5/GR.7..etc

ASTM B337 GR.1/GR.2/GR.3/GR.7/GR.9..etc

ASTM B338 GR.1/GR.2/GR.3/GR.7/GR.9..etc


Low density and high strength
Excellent corrosion resistance
Good high temperature resistance
Excellent low temperature performance
Non-magnetic and non-toxic
Good thermal performance
Low modulus of elasticity
Good toughness and light weight

Application of titanium tube

Application of titanium tube

1. Heat exchangers and condensers.
2. All kinds of corrosive fluid transmission pipeline system.
3. Titanium bicycle tube, automobile exhaust pipe.
4. Offshore aquaculture.

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