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Two benefits of seamless steel pipe commercial pipeline

Date:2018-01-15    View:1222      Tag:Two benefits of seamless steel pipe commercial pipeline
Steel pipes are ubiquitous and can be found in underground and residential walls, laboratories, and commercial and industrial structures. Pipes transport fluids, including water, natural gas, waste and air. There are three manufacturing methods for the production of steel pipes. The seamless steel pipe is produced by extrusion die. The welded steel pipe is produced by rolling the steel plate into the pipe and welding.

The manufacturing process of seamless steel tubes begins with a solid round steel billet. The billet was then heated to a high temperature, stretched and stretched, until the hollow tube was hollow. As other steel pipe suppliers tell you, there are three advantages to making pipes in this way.

Increase the rated pressure
The greatest advantage of seamless steel pipe is to increase the ability to withstand pressure. The weakest part of the welded pipe is the weld. But because the seamless steel pipe is not welded, there is no joint, which makes the whole pipe have the same strength.
It is easy to determine the pressure calculation, without considering the quality of the welding.
Although seamless steel pipe may sometimes be more expensive than welded steel pipe, but this ability to bear pressure is enhanced, enabling you to use thinner and lighter pipes, thereby helping to reduce costs.

Conformance of shape
Because the welded pipe is wrapped in another way before being welded, and because the heat, stress and other external variables are added during the welding process, it cannot be as round as seamless steel pipe.
The seamless steel pipe is a continuous extrusion of the alloy, which means that it will have a circular cross section that can be relied on, which is very useful when installing pipes or adding pipes.
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