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Application of 3pe Spiral Pipe in Oil and Gas Pipeline

Date:2018-01-16    View:823      Tag:Application of 3pe Spiral Pipe in Oil and Gas Pipeline
3PE corrosion-resistant steel pipe buried pipe life is crucial, the same material, pipe buried in the ground for decades and some non-corrosive, leaks in a few years. Because they use different outer coating.

Which used in harsh environmental conditions, ordinary steel, there will be serious corrosion, thereby reducing the life of steel pipe, pipe insulation life is generally longer, it can be used under normal circumstances for 30-50 years, and the correct installation And the use may also make the network maintenance costs low, anti-corrosion insulation tube can also set the alarm system, automatic detection of pipe network leakage fault, fault location and accurate knowledge will automatically alarm.

3PE corrosion-resistant steel insulation performance is good, the heat loss of only 25 yuan of traditional pipe points in the long run can save considerable resources, significantly reduce energy costs, but also has a strong waterproof and corrosion resistance, do not need direct Trenches can be purchased either on the ground or on the water, but are also quick and easy to build, with relatively low cost of integration, good corrosion resistance at low temperatures, impact resistance, and in some cases, you can also embed directly frozen soil.
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