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Several Methods to Control Corrosion of Spiral Welded Seam Steel

Date:2018-01-16    View:765      Tag:Several Methods to Control Corrosion of Spiral Welded Seam Steel
According to the spiral submerged arc welded pipe corrosion mechanism, has put forward a variety of protective measures, this protection can basically be divided into the following types:
1. The harmful substances in the environment from the outside gradually invaded features, including the use of a series of technical control template permeability, water spray material, impermeable layer, polymer modified mortar and so on.
2. Against the nature of electrochemical corrosion of steel, the basic principle of electrochemical corrosion in steel is eliminated. Such measures as cathodic protection, electrochemical desalination (again simplified) and technology can improve the corrosion protection of steel.
III. Wrap or coat hard or corrosion-resistant materials on steel surfaces, such as layers of reinforced epoxy, steel and other stainless steel cladding.
4. The use of low-water-cementing double-blending high-performance concrete, can significantly improve the permeability of salt. A protective layer of suitable thickness in such a concrete layer is a basic measure to improve durability.
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