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Boiler Tube Hardness

Date:2018-01-19    View:1028      Tag:Boiler Tube Hardness
Boiler tube hardness is one of the important factors that determine the quality of high pressure boiler tubes.

First of all, the mechanical properties of high-pressured boiler tubes with high hardness have to be checked because of their relationship with the processing properties and quality such as deformation, stamping and cutting. Therefore, the first test of hardness to test its mechanical properties. General test methods: tensile test and hardness test. Tensile test, which is the preparation of high pressure boiler tube sample, is also stretched on a tensile tester until the sample is broken, so that the high pressure boiler tube can be measured for tensile strength, yield strength, elongation at break and diameter reduction rate. Tensile testing of metallic materials is often the means of testing, which is not easily performed on many hardness tests and must be subjected to a tensile test. There are several hardness test methods: such as pine, pressing method, electric method, etc., the material hardness test is a simple test and tensile test comparison, with special attention.

Hardness performance requirements
High hardness wear resistance;

High dimensional stability;

③ deformation after heat treatment;

④ storage process or change the size and hardness does not occur.
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