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Magnetic of Carbon Steel Pipe

Date:2018-01-22    View:1279      Tag:Magnetic of Carbon Steel Pipe
Effect of remanence on welding quality and its influence
Gas pipeline construction and repair welding operations, sometimes appear blowing phenomenon, affecting the welding process. The formation of a magnetic strike is due to the presence of metal residual magnetism in the pipe. Usually, the magnetic induction and remanence are divided into two processes. Magnetically-induced plants tend to produce tube links such as metal smelting, handling using electromagnetic cranes, tube parking in a strong magnetic field, non-destructive testing after magnetization, and placing the tube close to the power cord and so strongly. Magneto-electric welding often occurs during the process. When assembling and using the magnetic retainer, the fixture and the DC welding pipe are connected to each other. For example, a long contact is connected to a DC power cable, a bare wire section or a short-circuit pipe welding fixture.

When using magnetic steel welding, it is often difficult to see the arc ignition, the stability of the arc of combustion damage, arc deviation, molten metal and molten slag molten metal in the molten pool magnetic field. In order to stabilize the welding process and improve the quality of welded joints, the steel is magnetized before demagnetization. It should be noted that it is difficult to achieve complete demagnetization of the pipe to be welded. Therefore, when remanence is not sufficient to affect the quality of the weld, it allows welding.

Magnetic elimination of carbon steel pipe technology
1 Determine the size and direction of the left side of the pipe;
2 choose the method of degaussing, system diagram and technical means;
3 Butt welded steel pipe or degaussing degaussing method options;
4 Check the amount of residual magnetism after degaussing to see if it meets the requirements.
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