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Spiral Welding

Date:2018-01-25    View:947      Tag:Spiral Welding
Spiral welding refers to strip or sheet bent into a circle, square and other shapes, and then welded to the surface of the pipe seam. Welding methods can be divided into different arc welded pipe, high frequency or low frequency resistance welded pipe, gas pipe, furnace tube, Bundy tubes. Seam shape can be divided into longitudinal spiral welded pipe and straight seam welded pipe. Oil drilling machinery manufacturing welded steel pipe. Tubes can be used for water, gas pipelines, oil and gas transmission with large diameter straight seam welded pipe and other high-pressure pipe; oil and gas transmission spiral welded pipe, piles, docks. Seamless steel pipe and welded steel pipe low cost, high production efficiency.

Spiral welding production process is simple, high production efficiency, low cost and rapid development. The strength of spiral welded pipe is generally higher than the vertical, you can narrow-billet production of large-diameter steel pipe, you can also use the same width billet production of different diameter steel pipe. However, the length of the weld is 30 to 100% compared to the length of the straight pipe weld and the productivity is low. Therefore, the smaller diameter pipes are mostly straight seam welded, large diameter spiral welded pipe.
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