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Steel Tube Bending

Date:2018-01-25    View:776      Tag:Steel Tube Bending
Analysis of Steel Tube Bending and Deformation
Deformation heat treatment principle shows that the heat processing (welding), due to uneven heating temperature, compression plastic deformation caused by high temperature cooling contraction site can also be through other parts (low temperature cooling zone or the first part) block, resulting in residual stress and each Kind of modification Steel pipe heat treatment (steel or thermal expansion) after the market is mainly used for bending steel.

Small diameter, thick wall thickness, you can take the method of mechanical leveling (such as the use of roller, Jack and the corresponding fixture) to correct it, the method is simple. However, when the large-diameter pipe wall is thin, the mechanical correction method should not be used because it not only requires large and complicated mechanical fixture, but also easily causes partial concave steel. The use of flame straightening method, although the operation of a certain degree of difficulty, but the method is simple, the effect is good.
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