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Prewelding of LSAW Steel Pipe

Date:2018-01-26    View:880      Tag:Prewelding of LSAW Steel Pipe
Longitudinal submerged arc welded pipe (UOE, JCOE) manufacturing process, the welding process will continue to advance. Its role is in the back of the weld seam formation, shape and positioning, in order to ensure the pipe size is conducive to the quality of pipe and pipe production and production efficiency.

Pre-welding process
After forming the torch tube delivered by the lower drum conveyor to the pre-welding machine, the rotating roller which is rising is rotated to adjust the position of the seam on both sides of the pressure on the pressure roller and the pressure roller so as to lower the gun and adjust the seam tracking and opening Protect gas and cooling water, start welding, monitor welding condition, stop welding arc at pipe end (stop gas), lift gun and top pressure roller, send before pipe welder, weld defects on pipe end.

Pre-welding process characteristics
Pre-welding argon gas mixture of carbon dioxide gas shielded welding, pipe continuous weld seam to move faster. Due to the bevel angle, the opening of the tube and the tube along the longitudinal direction and the deformation factors of the plate edges on both sides are inconsistent, the quality of the weld after the formation of the weld seam is unstable and varies greatly. There is a need to change the seam weld, the steady state of the arc, the position of the weld, and other real-time tracking and adjustments. Therefore, presoldered has the characteristics of fast welding speed, influencing factors of weld quality, adjustment and randomness.
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