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Spiral pipe processing

Date:2018-01-30    View:1068      Tag:Spiral pipe processing
Spiral processing method is based on the original spiral tube in accordance with the requirements of the product requirements.
There are two commonly used spiral tube processing methods.
First, the thermal expansion method
1. Bulging method
One is placed on a rubber tube, with the punch pressing, tubular bulge; the other way is to form a hydraulic expansion tube in the middle, when the liquid filling, the liquid pressure in the tube to the desired shape of the drum Bellows most of this method of production.
2. Forging method
With a forging machine to extend the red end of the tube or part, reducing the outer diameter, commonly used forging machine rotary, connecting rod, roller.
Third, the method of bending
There are usually three methods, one is called the stretching method, the other is the stamping method, one is the third roller method, a 3-4 roller, two fixed rollers, one is the steering roller, the other One is the fixed roller distance, the finished pipe is curved.
4. stamping
In the punch, use a tapered tube end to expand to the desired size and shape.
5. Rolling method
Generally do mandrel, suitable for thick-walled tube round edge.
6. Anilox method
Put the core in the tube, the outer roller to promote round edge processing.

Second, anti-corrosion methods
This type of steel is commonly referred to as corrosion of spiral steel pipe, this treatment is defined as the surface layer and coated with a spiral coil chemical coating, the common corrosion forms 3pe corrosion, epoxy corrosion, corrosion of cement mortar, this The biggest goal of the treatment is to extend the life of the pipeline.
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