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Spiral pipe fracture

Date:2018-02-05    View:797      Tag:Spiral pipe fracture
Spiral broken steel and metal materials according to the material is basically the same divided into three types, damage: ① cleavage fracture, ② tie cave animals anti-fracture, ③ slip surface fracture separation.

Cleavage along the cleavage section strictly cleave the crystal plane, known as the cleavage plane. When the fracture along the crystal plane, the theoretical minimum breaking strength. The factors that determine the cleavage plane are the specific surface energy y, the interplanar distance, and the modulus of elasticity along the normal direction. Cleavage fractures have almost no plastic deformation, is a brittle fracture in the body-centered cubic, hexagonal gold center. Catalytic cracking of metals generally does not occur cleavage fracture. The L-type ductile material is gold-containing and shear fracture is the main fracture mechanism. Such as corrosion-resistant steel alloy second phase particles impede slippage, increase plastic deformation resistance; when the plastic deformation increases, the second phase particles and the substrate interface spalling, resulting in small voids; holes formed, grow with the substrate to form a shear Cut into sections. For high-purity metals, bimetallic wear-resistant composite tubes do not produce secondary particles because of the absence of second-phase particles: health and microporosity, the result of the battle is only increased along the surface area offset, and finally the slip surface separation section. Corrosion-resistant steel composite spinning technology for precise control under special equipment, re-press roller rotation and pad friction heat quickly reach the stainless steel softening point, the roller squeezed out of the outer cylinder, elastic deformation, the two together to create interference, to close Cooperation. From the golden age of histology point of view, it is divided into fracture along the fracture products and transgranular fracture.
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