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Spiral welded pipe welding process and packaging methods

Date:2018-02-07    View:818      Tag:Spiral welded pipe welding process and packaging methods
Such as spiral steel pipe weld gap is too large, the composition of the wound near the lack of hot eddy currents, weld crystallization indirectly symbiotic cracks or lack of integration; if the gap is too small, the effect is to increase the near formation of excessive heat welding weld Combustion; maybe weld kneading, pit formed after rolling, affecting the pipe weld surface quality, heated to the edge of the two welding temperature, kneading, together constitute the mutual penetration of metal grains, crystallization, spiral pipe weld At the end of a strong pinch force is too small, the number of crystals together constitute a small weld metal strength decreases, cracks may ah force occurs. If excessive force of kneading causes the molten metal to be press-welded, not only will the strength of the weld be reduced, but also a large amount of burrs may occur, and even the weld may be adversely affected.

Transport or protection for external spiral steel pipe is mainly for spiral pipe export spiral pipe packaging and packaging methods, spiral pipe, mainly because the exit of the sea, in order to facilitate the handling of general packaging, packaging spiral is divided into the following forms: 1 Bundles, such as bundles, coils, coils 273 219, 7 beams, 7 beams. Both ends of the sling, easy to lift. 2, box packaging, is the use of angle steel, square tube, welded into a box channel, open it, and the size of the container, such as handling loading and unloading FCL.
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