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The Causes of Errors Spiral Steel Pipe

Date:2018-02-08    View:734      Tag:The Causes of Errors Spiral Steel Pipe
Spiral pipe in the production of the wrong side, many of the factors in the production practice, often by the wrong side of the error and leaving the pipe degradation. Therefore, the reasons for the occurrence of helical misalignment and preventive measures are necessary.
1. Poor side banding is another important reason for poor health.
2. Due to the trimming and tail board size and size accuracy is not high, likely to cause misalignment caused by the hard bend.
Third, when the head and tail butt welding weld residual height larger, if not handled properly, likely to cause greater wrong edge.
4. In the spiral pipe molding process, the strip camber angle is the most important factor that causes the wrong side of the pipe. The camber angle of the strip continuously changes, resulting in the change of the weld gap, which leads to the opening of the weld seam, the wrong edge and even Side shift. Seriously affecting the quality of the steel. Therefore, it is an effective way to reduce the occurrence of the wrong edge in the steel production process by observing the condition of the strip after the coil curling. By controlling the continuous control of the vertical roll and correcting the disk shears, the camber angle of the forming part can be cut off.
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