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Selection Index of Spiral Submerged Arc Welding Steel Tube Die Casting Machine

Date:2018-02-09    View:729      Tag:Selection Index of Spiral Submerged Arc Welding Steel Tube Die Casting Machine
Spiral submerged arc welded pipe casting machine performance evaluation and all economic effects, including production, yield, production efficiency and operational stability, reliability and safety. In equipment selection, to consider the following two aspects:
(1) In a variety of product varieties and production volume, small batch production, hydraulic system selection is usually simple, adaptable, and can quickly adjust the die-casting machine; less variety, high-volume production, using a variety of mechanization and automation mechanisms , Die casting machine control systems and controls; a single species, mass production of castings, and the use of dedicated die-casting machines.

(2) The characteristics of each die-casting machine die-casting machine has certain technical indicators. When the product specific choice of die-casting machine, the most important is based on the characteristics of die-casting machine (size, weight, alloy type). Due to the size and shape of the die-casting machine with the locking force and the opening distance, and the total amount and type of alloy castings carrying the maximum capacity of the alloy pressure chamber.

Spiral welded pipe is the choice of die casting machine, Spiral steel pipe, the main varieties of production, the outline size of the casting, the type and size of choice, followed by casting spiral pipe for die casting machine performance, accuracy and price, according to technical parameters and processes Technical requirements of the castings, die-casting process specifications and conditions of use, accounting die-casting machine, die-casting for the primaries of the appropriate model;

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