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Different mechanical properties of seamless steel tubes

Date:2018-02-26    View:692      Tag:Different mechanical properties of seamless steel tubes
   Seamless steel pipe by different cross-sectional shapes can be divided into tubular and special-shaped tube. Because of the same conditions on the circumference, the maximum area of the tube can accommodate more fluid. In addition, the circular cross-section withstands internal or external radial pressure, force uniformity. Therefore, the vast majority of pipelines are pipelines. However, there are some restrictions on tubes. Under such conditions as plane bending, square tubes such as square and large seamless steel tubes, some agricultural machinery skeletons, steel-wood furniture, popular square and rectangular tubes, etc. Mechanical properties of different seamless steel tubes.

Hot-rolled seamless coil as raw material, pickling cold rolling rust, the finished product is hard roll, due to continuous cold work hardening caused by the rolling deformation strength, increased volume, hardness, plastic index decreased. Therefore, stamping performance will deteriorate and can only be used for simple modification of parts. Hot rolled hard coil can be used as a raw material for hot dip galvanizing plants because hot dip galvanizing lines have an annealing line. Hard rolls generally weigh 6 tons to 13.5 tons, coil diameter 610mm. General cold-rolled plates, coils should be used continuous annealing (CAPL assessment unit) or hood annealing and rolling to eliminate stress hardening, mechanical properties to meet the corresponding standards.
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