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Hot Extruded Seamless Steel Pipe

Date:2018-03-01    View:679      Tag:Hot Extruded Seamless Steel Pipe
Hot-rolled seamless steel billet can be forging blank, billet, slab, billet centrifugal casting. Short or long blank blanks are peeled off in the machine shop, sawing, drilling deep holes, back turning and chamfering into the extrusion line.

The billet is first processed into the first washing machine, degreased in front of the ring furnace, and then into the ring furnace. Ring blanks generally in a furnace heated to less than 900 degrees. But according to the process requirements directly heated to hot extrusion temperature (not directly extrusion billet). Then into the vertical induction furnace, the material is heated to hot extrusion temperature. The heated blank draws a good glass frit on a bench outside a good dust remover. The robot blows the blank punch into the cylinder bore and the glass frit is added to the blank end of the "clock" after that. Then, in legislation, the red (expanded) hole punch. After stamping (expansion) of the hollow billet and die hole exposure temperature drop caused by heating that is heated, but the glass frit heating surface temperature detection, so that the heating temperature difference is generally removed before heating to remove the glass blank The surface is then heated by the ingot through the inner and outer surfaces of the glass frit, and the heated billet coating is extruded into the center extruder. After the extrusion product is completed, the press is separated from the separation saw. Products and tools need proper cold treatment.

We all know that the multi-layer interference tube hot extrusion tube installed together in the design of a reasonable amount of interference under the premise of drawings under the wire size, warm up before use, the glass wall cleaning regularly, and check the inner wall scratches In the case of 5,000 ordinary life to more than 10,000. Extrusion die and metal contact time longest extrusion process, the life is relatively low. For the general requirement of longer die life, the faster the possible extrusion speed, the shorter the cutting interval, the lower the metal residence time in the extrusion die and each of the extrusion die should pass Inspection and processing after extrusion, not only to ensure product quality, but also improve the service life of extrusion die. As the puncture needle ruptures a small area wrapped in molten iron extrusion, due to a sharp increase in temperature caused by the mechanical properties decreased, it is necessary to provide adequate cooling. Foreign design of the internal cooling steel extruder, the design of the punch, but the effect is more general. For the small size of pinch cold hole, greatly reducing the punch strength, it is easy to cause the needle back broken, while the large size of the punch makes the cooling rate is too slow. Tung Ze companies in the design of 36mn stainless steel extruder, taking into account the small and medium-sized objects than the cooling system is not the product design, but the design of a dedicated puncture needle puncture needle cooling device after the completion of cooling and achieved good results, Therefore, the service life punch from 10 to 30 times to 100 times more, greatly improving the life of the punch.

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