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Pipe Joint Bonding

Date:2018-03-02    View:777      Tag:Pipe Joint Bonding
Welded pipe joints suitable medium: oil, water, gas and other non-corrosive or corrosive media, welding seals require more flexible steel pipe specifications, the pipe after the weld has a strong connection, good sealing performance.
It has been widely used in oil refining, chemical, light industry, textile, defense, metallurgy, aviation, shipbuilding and other systems, but also for a variety of mechanical engineering, machine tools and other hydraulic transmission lines. When the bite-type pipe fittings can not meet the needs of production, as well as the case of corrosive, consider giving priority. Welded pipe fittings manufacturing standards
1, the metal fittings O-ring sealed joints of the fluid power and general aircraft (JB / T 966-2005)
2, cone seal welded straight coupling (JB / T 6381.1-2007)
3, Cone sealing straight 55 ° non-sealed pipe thread (JB / T 6381.2-2007)
4, Cone seal straight 55 ° sealing pipe thread (JB / T 6381.3-2007)
5, Cone sealing straight 60 ° sealing pipe thread (JB / T 6381.4-2007)
6, cone seal welding 90 ° elbow (JB / T 6382.1-2007)

Features of Eddy Current Testing

Date:2018-03-02    View:777      Tag:Features of Eddy Current Testing
1, metal pipe, rod, wire testing, do not need to contact, do not need the coupling medium. Therefore, test speed, easy to automate the test, especially for online P capture.
2, the detection of surface defects high sensitivity, and in a certain range with good linearity indication, you can evaluate the size of different defects, can be used as quality management and control.
3, the impact of many factors, such as cracks, materials, size, shape, conductivity and permeability. Spleen with a specific circuit for processing, you can filter out some of the factors that inhibit other factors, so that individuals can be more effective detection of these factors.
4, because there is no contact with the workpiece inspection, there is no coupling medium, it can be detected at high temperatures. Because the probe can be inserted into the remote operation, the workpiece can be narrow and deep wall area (including walls) and other tests.
5, the use of electricity display, it is possible to store and copy the data comparison and processing.
6, Eddy current test object must be conductive material, but also because of electromagnetic induction, and only for metal surface defect detection, NA detection of metal material deep internal defects.
(7) The depth of penetration of induced eddy current metal surface varies with frequency. The eddy current density of high excitation frequency is on the surface of metal. The eddy current penetration depth increases with the excitation frequency, but the eddy current density decreases, depth and surface defects The detection sensitivity is conflict injury, it is hard to strike. When the material eddy current testing, the need to consider the material, surface conditions, testing standards, and then determine the non-destructive testing procedures and technical parameters.
8. The use of the coil eddy current test, the coil cover is a pipe, a rod or a wire on the circumference, to get the cumulative effect of the entire circle of factors, the specific location of the defect, the circumference can not be determined.
9, Rotating probe type eddy current testing method can accurately locate the defect location, high sensitivity and resolution, but the detection area is small, when the test material needs a full scan, the inspection is slow.
10, or in the equivalent eddy current test to detect the phase defect, to make accurate qualitative and quantitative judgments to be developed.
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