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Storage of Steel Tube

Date:2018-03-06    View:739      Tag:Storage of Steel Tube
Pipe shall not be directly piled on the ground, steel or concrete surface, the first layer of steel pipe from the ground distance of not less than 0.20m. Avoid pipes damp, dust and pollution, steel pipe (or pipe) should be placed in dusty and humid place, the ends of the pipe must be protected with plastic or paper bag, etc., to prevent dust from entering.

The level of the rack or stack should be arranged neatly with a clear mark number. The pipes should be hot (lot), placed in the specified rack or stack in a variety of different sizes and materials. The same rack or stack location can not store the same size (or similar), the same type of material, and the different profiles of steel heat.

To prevent buckling or damage to the steel tube table, steel tubes (or tube bundles) should be placed at appropriate intervals and at the same level on the sleepers, ends of the tubes to ensure alignment. For annealed brass, aluminum and similar hoses should be placed between the barrier sleepers, with each at least two sleepers placed in a vertical pipe and fixed upwards and downwards to ensure straight alignment. If pipe

If there is no stock code (including code stamp) stacked, should be placed wedges or other methods to prevent steel rolling.

After cold-rolled, cold drawn or bright annealed steel pipe is not allowed to open storage. If the stock situation, open storage should take appropriate precautions to avoid rain, snow, fog and other corrosive media and a lot of dust pollution pipeline
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