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Common Fault ERW Steel Pipe Unit

Date:2018-03-08    View:892      Tag:Common Fault ERW Steel Pipe Unit
ERW pipe unit more faults, the cause of the fault is also more complicated, the results are often caused by a variety of reasons, may be caused by a variety of reasons.

Pipe welding scratches are mainly composed of two parts, one guide, the other is the extrusion welding mechanism.

Scratch roll scratches, mainly at the bottom of the tube, because generally have the following points:

(1) does not match the pass
Welding extrusion structure with two rollers, three rollers and four rollers, as long as the mating holes do not match, it is likely to cause the pipe surface scratches, especially double-roller structure. Factors are not suitable, and by many, for example, a two-roll structure, such as bearing damage; roll axial movement; through the sample size; two roller height position is not the same; shaft bending and assembly instability.
(2) highly matched
The squeeze roller should roll through the lower edge
The thread height is the same and the height of the guide roller is determined by the thickness of the pipe wall. If the height of the guide roller drops below a certain limit, the rounded edges of the press roll groove cause scratches on the bottom of the tube, especially after crushing of the roll groove R, scratching is more likely to occur.
(3) The pressure of the squeeze press roll is insufficient
Especially the structure of the two-roll pressure roller device, when the pressure is not enough, the tube under the tension, the roller will appear in the elevation, so the prominent round edge R, leading to the lower part of the pipe scratches. When the squeeze roller groove round grinding, will increase the occurrence of scratches.

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