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Quality Inspection of Spiral Steel Pipe

Date:2018-04-03    View:346      Tag:Quality Inspection of Spiral Steel Pipe
1. Look from the spiral steel pipe. Appearance should pay attention to those welded joints, to see the appearance is not a drawback, the lack of scale, you can see through the naked eye, of course, detailed and bilateral theory, borrow the standard model, gauges and magnifying glass to view. Due to the occurrence of welding defects, this means that the spiral pipe interior is most likely to have defects. Even if the surface efforts are not yet completed, internal efforts are difficult to guarantee.

2. The viewing method is to use the equipment to view, that is, ultrasonic inspection, ray inspection, penetration inspection, magnetic particle inspection and other methods under the condition of no-borrowing, and it can be seen that the spiral pipe does not see defects. In addition to the defective view, the strength of the pressure vessel was also observed. There are usually two types of hydrostatic tests and air pressure tests. This point of view is to look at the fineness of the spiral steel pipe welds, and it is usually more accurate to use the pressure point of view. However, the pressure is dangerous. If you accidentally follow the rules, there will be security incidents.

Spiral steel pipes also have to penetrate the cracks, there are no air holes, no mixing slag, there is no place where there is no penetration, there is no loose arrangement, usually with oil test, water test or water test and other measures. In addition to the hydrostatic test, the operation also ensures that the pipe is free from leaks.

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