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How to Choose the Spiral Steel Pipe

Date:2018-04-04    View:611      Tag:How to Choose the Spiral Steel Pipe
The use of spiral steel pipe is relatively high, and the application range is very wide. It should be selected before selection and pay attention to quality.

The first method is a more professional method of detection by measuring the strength of the pressure vessel. Normally, we use atmospheric pressure and water pressure detection, which can detect the working conditions of spiral steel tubes working under pressure and detect the tightness of spiral steel tubes. Generally, it is measured at atmospheric pressure because the safety is relatively high, if water is used. Vapor pressure passes the test and then the need for a spiral tube under water is too much trouble.

The second method is also relatively simple, that is, through the observation surface. Visually find problems with welding and size of spiral steel tubes, and if necessary, compare standard samples with products to find out where the problem lies. In general, the regular steel pipe company is relatively perfect in production, and on the other hand it is necessary to strike the metal pipe. If the sound is very crisp and the echo is not very dirty, then the name is the latest choice of steel pipe, not scrap recycling.

Both methods are commonly used. We can choose one method to test. The safer method is the best regular manufacturer, which can reduce the abuse during use.

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