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Steel delivery state and heat treatment requirements

Date:2018-04-23    View:544      Tag:Steel delivery state and heat treatment requirements
Other countries and ISO stainless steel pipe standards are provided to hot rolled (forged) steel, in addition to heating pressure processing steel, general heat treatment delivery (heat treatment requirements need to be stipulated in the contract). After heat treatment, surface treatment or surface treatment such as pickling, shot peening or turning and peeling is required. For cold or cold drawn or cold drawn steel or cold working conditions, or after heat treatment of pickling or shot peening or cold processing after heat treatment, after forming, grinding, polishing or further to varying degrees of hardening treatment and other state delivery.

ISO and EN, DIN standards, the delivery state of steel should be based on the production processing methods and surface conditions of several different types of combination, more scientific and reasonable, is conducive to the implementation of the standard.

With regard to heat treatment systems, in addition to the ASTM standard, the state and ISO standards also specify the heat treatment system for each grade of delivery steel or the heat treatment system used to measure mechanical properties. Only ASTM standards, in addition to precipitating hardened steel, are generally not specified in the steel standard for each grade of heat treatment systems, only heat treatment types (such as annealing, CO solution or aging), and the heat treatment of various steels requires standard general technical requirements described in the standard of variety.

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