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Steel billet production process

Date:2018-05-16    View:664      Tag:Steel billet production process
The steel billet is the product obtained by casting the molten steel produced by the steelmaking furnace. Steel billets from the manufacturing process can be divided into two types: die casting and continuous casting billet, the current casting process has been basically eliminated.

Continuous cast steel billet and rectangular billet mainly carbon steel, low carbon low silicon cold rolled material, high quality carbon structural steel, low alloy high strength steel, special steel as the representative.

Steel billet production process is following:
First, through the steel casting system of continuous casting equipment, directly from the molten steel into steel billet;
Second, the steelmaking system for the production of steel ingots or continuous casting slits through the rolling system of steel processing equipment out of semi-finished products;

Third, the steel production system of steel ingots through the forging equipment processing semi-finished products.

steel billet production

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