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Process of casing pipe in plant

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Factory casing process:

Steel ingot heating, hydraulic piercing, reheating, elongation, periodic rolling, reheating, sizing, cooling, straightening, pipe cutting and inspection.

Ingot heating: 216 mm cycle tube mill and annular furnace, 318 mm cycle tube rolling mill original design and two circular furnaces.
Hydraulic punching: 216mm is 10kN hydraulic press, 18318mm punch press is made by 18kN hydraulic press.
Extension: the oil and casing factory is using two roller guide extensions.
Reheat: use tray furnace, use rolling mill cycle, then do not use heat to enter the furnace.
Selection: using a double - roll 5 - stand sizing machine.

Oil casing
cold bed is a one-way chain cold bed. 216mm circulating rolling mill product specifications 114.3 to 319mm, wall thickness 6 to 40mm; 318mm circulating rolling unit rolling product specifications 168 to 377mm, wall thickness 6 to 40mm. As an oil well pipe, all kinds of casing and some drill pipes can be produced.

In order to improve the quality of the casing pipe body, the casing plant introduced technology in 1994, combined design and joint manufacturing equipment, and established a set of set180mm precision tube rolling mill, which was designed jointly by the United States and the United States. Continuous casting continuous round pipe, circular heating furnace, perforated cone roller perforation, finishing mill rolling, 12 rack three roll micro tensile sizing sizing, cooling bed cooling. The only 1 seamless steel pipe short flow production lines in the world are formed in the world. The production processes are: arc furnace, furnace smelting, vacuum degassing, continuous casting, heat transfer, pipe heating, perforation, pipe rolling, cooling and tempering (reservation), on-line quenching (reserved), tempering (reserved), upper slurry (reserved), cooling, straightening and defect inspection. Cutting, cutting, head cutting, inspection and rail direct processing.

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