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How to ensure the quality of ERW carbon steel pipe

Date:2018-05-24    View:826      Tag:How to ensure the quality of ERW carbon steel pipe
ERW carbon steel pipe has this processing technology, which has the advantages of post welding heat treatment, eliminating residual stress in weld and heat affected zone, refining grain, small heat affected zone and fast heating speed. It can greatly improve welding speed and weld quality. It can be used without pickling, shot peening and trimming steel as blank, and welding alloy at the same time. Steel, high alloy steel and non-ferrous metal pipe greatly reduce the power consumption of the unit, and equipped with a set of welding equipment can produce ERW carbon steel pipe.

But at the same time, the larger the diameter of the carbon steel tube unit, the more restrictions on the weight of the steel strip and the thickness of the raw material, the storage equipment is limited by the spiral looper. In addition, the ERW carbon steel tube unit has a higher line speed, and the speed of the arc welded pipe is generally 3m / min, which does not match each other. Therefore, ERW carbon steel pipe parts need to make full use of and expand their own advantages so as to improve product quality and develop new products.
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