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Q345B seamless steel pipe leads to increased cost of seamless steel pipe industry

Date:2018-12-14    View:606      Tag:Q345B seamless steel pipe leads to increased cost of seamless steel pipe industry
Q345B seamless steel pipe leads to increased cost of seamless steel pipe industry. The high cost brought by iron ore has always been the thorn of domestic seamless steel pipe enterprises. The loss of domestic seamless steel pipe industry is also often attributed to the cost of raw materials such as iron ore. The engulfing of corporate profits. In the following table, we made a superimposed comparison and found that the Tianjin 16mn seamless steel pipe resources have no adjustment space. The decline in the price from July to the present has already overdrawn the effect of the ex-factory price of the seamless steel pipe factory. From the cost consideration, if the price does not have a bubble in the downside, the price adjustment has been put in place.
Recently, Premier Wen’s investigation in Chengdu is still stressing that he is still facing downward pressure on the economy. In the second half of the year, he will increase the policy adjustment and fine-tuning efforts. Due to the relatively stable price of 16mn billet, the market price of strip and profile is not very different. The price of East China 16mn seamless steel pipe is still maintained at the level of 4,000 yuan / ton or more, and the transaction price is basically the same as the price of hot rolled coil market. From January to June, the cumulative import of iron ore was 366.2 million tons, an increase of 9.7%.
Among the 26 provinces, Tianjin has the lowest per capita disposable income growth of 10.1%. The data shows that although the domestic seamless steel pipe prices have been falling for three consecutive months, the domestic seamless steel pipe plant has not seen significant reduction in production, which is the biggest pressure on the current market. The relevant departments speculate that the domestic key seamless steel pipes in June The output of enterprises has only slightly reduced production, while the small and medium-sized enterprises have increased production to a certain extent. The supply and demand relationship in the steel market is still grim. The inventory in Shanghai was 494,000 tons, down 3.14% on a week-on-week basis, down 5.54% month-on-month. The current inventory is 0.3% lower than the same period of last year. Beijing stocks were 640,400 tons, up 1.94% on a week-on-week basis and up 5.74% year-on-month. Inventories are still 40.50% higher than the same period of last year; Guangzhou stocks 667,000 tons, down 5.92% on a week-on-week basis, up 1.06% month-on-month; current stocks are up 9.34% over the same period last year.
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