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Introduction to drilling oil casing screen

Date:2019-02-25    View:370      Tag:Introduction to drilling oil casing screen
    The main dip dyeing of the drilling screen is to prevent sand. Because of the geology where the oil is mined, the steel grade and type of the unsuitable sand layer are not different. Drilling screens are cut into a number of longitudinal or spiral or cross-shaped cracks of a certain size in a variety of ways on oil casings or oil pipes. It is formed by special ultra-thin cutting blades and beam cutting. The slit section is rectangular, trapezoidal and special shape, which can ensure the permeability to reach the scale, and the placement of the crack can also be processed according to the requirements of the user. The drilling screen has the advantages of excellent sand control function, no blockage, and improved oil recovery quality. It is mostly used in side drilling, degree well, gravel filling and screen completion.
    The cutting head is moved along the Z-axis of the machine tool so that the focus is at the position of the perforation and the distance between the cutting head nozzle and the screen profile is adjusted to a preset value.
    There are many types of drilled screens, such as bridge screens, drill screens, composite screens, drill screens, wire-wound screens, and the like. They each have their own characteristics and advantages, and they all have excellent sand control. The main features of the drilling screen are as follows: Petroleum Pipeline Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of drilled screen pipes, specializing in the production of high quality drilled screen products. The quality of this product is reliable, the function is excellent, the price is reasonable and affordable, and it is an important component of oil pipeline equipment. These are the scales involved in the drilling of the screen. The words of the oil expert* can imply the dip dyeing of the drilling screen, that is, the honey is separated from the white sugar, and the honey is separated." The application has been obtained by people from all walks of life.

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