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The advantages of laser cutting process for oil casing screens are obvious

Date:2019-02-25    View:453      Tag:The advantages of laser cutting process for oil casing screens are obvious
   The laser cutting process of petroleum screens has obvious advantages and can be used in the cutting process of many products. Hebei Rui Nair Petroleum Pipeline Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional oil screen pipe manufacturer with advanced laser cutting machine. The quality of the oil screen produced is better and has been well received in the market.
  The use of oil screens has contributed a lot to the oil drilling industry because of its good sand filtration effect, which can filter out 99% of sand dust and reduce the maintenance rate of oil pipes by 90%. And can also improve the ability of petroleum pipes to filter sand dust. No matter which aspect it is, it has very good continuity and stability.
    The use of the slotted pipe has greatly improved the efficiency of the drilling and mining project. Hebei Rui Nair Cutting Co., Ltd. uses laser cutting technology to cut the tubing into a smooth, high-density kerf. Its construction is simple and the effect is very obvious. The slitted pipe has the following advantages:
    The vertical edge of the kerf edge of the oil screen is very good, the process is very perfect, its cutting edge is very smooth, no burrs appear, and the kerf of the whole pipe is very uniform; 
    This slitted pipe is machined by the J55 or N88 oil casing itself, so its strength is very high and it is not easily deformed; 
    Its over-flow area is very large, the flow area can reach 80 per cubic centimeter, which is three times larger than the overflow area of the tubing of the same specification, so it is more conducive to the flow of liquid;
    It can be used to show superior performance characteristics after being used in general inclined wells and horizontal wells;

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