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The trading atmosphere in the thick-walled seamless steel pipe market continues to decline from last

Date:2019-04-09    View:231      Tag:The trading atmosphere in the thick-walled seamless steel pipe market continues to decline from last
The trading atmosphere of the thick-walled seamless steel pipe market continued to decline from last week, and it continued to fall due to the policy of the mainstream first-tier manufacturers last weekend. The price of steel billets continued to decrease last weekend, which made the current merchants have increased their psychological awareness before the holiday. Therefore, it stimulated the mainstream quotation today to continue the steady downward adjustment. However, at the same time, some second-tier steel mills have had plans to suspend production for the New Year and the price of lock orders has risen slightly, which has also stimulated a small increase in the price of a few markets. For tomorrow, considering the short-term negative factors will still dominate, it is expected that tomorrow's mainstream quotations will continue to stabilize and weakly adjust. The domestic steel market is showing a decline. Steel and the long-term disk weakened, and the pessimism in the spot market warmed up. Near the year, downstream demand is even weaker, and market transactions continue to be sluggish, forcing merchants to move down to promote transactions. In addition, except for the slight decline in individual varieties such as cold rolling, the national steel inventories have risen sharply, the contradiction between supply and demand has escalated, and the downward pressure on steel prices is inevitable. As of December 10, the comprehensive price index reached 136.9 points, down 1.0 points from last Friday; the long product price index reached 152.4 points, down 1.56 points over the same period last week; the plate price index reached 118.2 points, down 0.11 from the same period last week. point. Next week, it will be closer to the traditional Spring Festival. The marketable operation space will gradually narrow down, and the market transactions will not change significantly. It is not ruled out that some merchants have light warehouses for the New Year, and liquidation of funds has appeared, but the current steel price has fallen to a relatively low level. The adjustment space is not big.
 This week, the domestic construction steel market price is in a downward channel. On the one hand, the price of steel futures showed a downward trend. The pessimistic sentiment in the spot P110 oil casing market increased. Although the steel futures rebounded near the weekend, the spot market sentiment did not materially change. In addition, the price of raw materials such as steel billets has weakened, which has also weakened the cost support. The leading factor in many factors is the weak demand. As the Spring Festival approaches, end-user purchases continue to decrease, basically in a semi-stagnation state. However, at the end of the year, the output of steel mills has decreased, which is considered to be a good result in the weak winter market. Due to the small willingness of merchants to buy goods at the end of the year, the recent market arrivals may have weakened, and as the spot prices continue to fall, the market space will be narrowed. It is expected that the construction steel market price will not change significantly next week. Experts said that the monetary policy variables or increase this year need to be flexible: on the evening of the 10th, the central bank issued a press release for the 2014 work conference. The expression “preventive, targeted and synergistic” of “enhanced regulation” replaces the “maintaining policy continuity and stability” highlighted in 2013. Experts believe that this year's international and domestic economies are more uncertain, and they need to respond flexibly to monetary policy, enhancing forward-looking, targeted and synergistic. Therefore, under the framework of a prudent monetary policy, this year's monetary policy may have many variables in its operation in response to the complex changes in the economic environment.

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