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The developing trend of LSAW steel pipe

Date:2019-08-26    View:715      Tag:The developing trend of LSAW steel pipe

The developing trend of LSAW steel pipe in the future:
  • in terms of the onshore gas,with the large diameter LSAW steel pipe, its single-tube gas transmission capacity could reach the level of 50 billion cubic meters / year, pipe diameter can reach ф1422mm, steel grade achieve X80, and gas transmission pressure can reach 12MPa;
  • in terms of the ocean steel pipe, the gas pipeline develops towards the direction of deep-sea pipeline (> 1500 meters), marine structural tube towards the direction of high-intensity, large wall thickness, for example ф610mm×31.8mm, X65 grade;
  • in terms of business management, plate and pipe integration (steelmaking - Continuous Casting - rolled plate - pipe manufacturing) is the future development trend, for example in Japan and India plate and strip production line is always equipped with a welded steel pipe unit;
  • entering the market of high-grade structural tubes, this is an important question to be considered by the LSAW steel pipe production line manufacturer when deploying the device, so it is necessary to set the preheating device before pre-welding, or set the heat treatment process and so on;
  • in marketing, in addition to oil and gas pipelines, there is slurry pipelines;
  • anti HIC tube and anti deformed tube are with a considerable market prospect, can be used to transport acid gases and improve the ability against external environmental damage in harsh geological conditions (landslides, mudslides, earthquakes).
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