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Wear resistant alloy composite pipe

Date:2019-08-29    View:865      Tag:Wear resistant alloy composite pipe

Wear-resistant alloy steel pipe as the base, lined with ultra-wear-resistant alloy, through the centrifugal casting, metallurgy combined to form a solid.

LFC elbow vacuum casting process. Wear-resistant alloy tube has excellent wear resistance, high temperature resistance and impact resistance, but also has good toughness, excellent thermal shock resistance, mechanical properties, welding performance, and easy installation. Particularly suitable for high temperature wear cold. Such as electricity, metallurgy, coal, mining, cement and other materials delivery industry. The product compared with other wear-resistant pipe, long life, high economic cost of investment.

Wear-resistant alloy composite pipe characteristics

1. overall performance is good
The outer wall of the composite pipe adopts steel and lined with high chrome alloy, and both of them form a good combination of metallurgy, which are both high wear and corrosion resistance of high alloy material, and have high mechanical strength and poor impact resistance. It can solve the problem that single material is difficult to reconcile The contradiction and wear-resistant welding, the material to play to the best level of performance advantages, the use of safe and reliable.

2. high wear resistance
Composite wear-resistant composite pipe with high chromium alloy, containing about 45% of the cemented carbide M7C3 type structure, because this structure is Ka-type rod carbide, with high toughness; and Jiahong cemented carbide high hardness ( HV1500-1800), in the wear-resistant layer HRC55 above, good wear resistance.

3. Corrosion resistance, high temperature performance
Due to the composition and structural properties of the carbide matrix, the Cr content of the solid solution has a strong heat resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature or corrosive environment can show good corrosion resistance, wear resistance.

4. Advanced, stable composite technology

Wear-resistant pipe and elbow LFC vacuum casting composite manufacturing process, that is, F casting and composite wear-resistant pipe manufacturing process has the following characteristics:
(1) simple process, high yield of production.
(2) because the characteristics of the process is precision machining large size, the use of vacuum high vacuum tube, through the suction casting, so the product size is accurate, good density.
(3) the use of vacuum casting F corrosion-resistant alloy composite pipe production and elbow, uniform performance and stability. Does not appear, holes and other phenomena.

5. good thermal shock performance
Due to the wear of the inner tube composite material, the thermal expansion coefficient of the outer layer is equivalent to the high level and the rapid change condition, the internal fragmentation does not occur, the early fault phenomenon occurs small pipe running resistance, the appearance is beautiful.
Transport, installation and easy to use
The catheter is very convenient. As part of the fight against high-performance composite pipes, when part of the blockage of free percussion, arbitrary cutting, unloading replacement, installation and maintenance time.

Alloy composite wear-resistant pipe applications

  • power plants and coal transportation systems, dry ash transmission pipe;
  • stone coal power plant system;
  • other powder pneumatic conveying system;
  • hydraulic transmission system and larger particles slag transport;
  • other mining materials processing.
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