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Ceramic lined carbon steel pipe

Date:2018-01-19    View:913      Tag:Ceramic lined carbon steel pipe
Ceramic tube and ordinary steel, wear-resistant alloy steel pipe, artificial stone and plastic pipe, steel pipe and other essential differences between rubber. Ceramic tube is steel, corundum. Corundum layer hardness 1100-1500 (90-98 Rockwell hardness), equivalent to tungsten cobalt hard gold. Abrasion resistance than carbon steel pipe 20 times higher than the performance of corundum wheel is much better. There are still a variety of corundum grinding wheel cutting hardened steel main wheels. Corundum corundum ceramic tube abrasive layer can be retracted. Wear-resistant ceramic tube corundum layer can be formed mainly by a few millimeters thick, Mohs hardness of 9, second only to diamond and silicon carbide, all the oxides, which is the highest hardness. Only about 20% of the tubes and components are alumina, most of which have a Mohs hardness of 7. Rare high-chromium wear-resistant alloy tube or Vickers hardness of about 400 (Rockwell hardness of about 50); Corundum less than the third. Therefore, wear-resistant alloy steel pipe, pipe wear and tear both the composition and organization, but also the wear resistance of ceramic pipe, in contrast, there has been a qualitative leap.

Ceramic lined carbon steel tube is made of ceramic tube SHS - centrifugal melting point of 2045 degrees corundum, corundum layer and the steel structure, due to special reasons, the stress field is special. Ceramic layer at room temperature compressive stress, the steel layer to withstand tensile stress, the two opposing objects into a balanced whole. Only when the temperature rises above 400 ℃, due to the thermal expansion coefficient between the two, the new stress field caused by the thermal expansion of the ceramic tube and the original stress field cancel each other out, so that both the ceramic layer and the steel layer are freely balanced. When the temperature rose to 900 degrees, the ceramic-lined steel pipe into the water Ling, repeated immersion time, the composite layer is not cracking or cracking, showing ordinary ceramic unparalleled thermal shock resistance. This performance is useful in construction, because of its outer layer of steel, coupled with the internal temperature is not the structure of the flange cracking, purge port, explosion-proof doors can be welded directly welding method can also be used to connect than wear-resistant cast stone Pipe, wear-resistant steel, rare earth wear-resistant steel, bimetallic composite pipe, steel pipe, steel pipe construction is not easy welding better. Ceramic-lined steel tubes have good resistance to mechanical shocks. During transport, the two weight brackets are mounted and beaten instead of breaking the composite.

Ceramic lined steel pipe with high wear resistance, anti-scouring ability. In the case of ducts and ducts, the abrasion resistance of ceramic lined steel elbows is more than five times that of thick steel elbows. In practice, ceramic lined steel pipe 1-2 years after the open observation and measurement of use, the composite layer no obvious wear or off, the size and length of the pipeline unit, the weight of ceramic lined steel pipe only wear-resistant steel pipe or bimetallic composite pipe about 1/2, the construction cost of the following table is 30-40%, only the weight of the stone and steel pipe about 2/5 rare wearable project costs reduced by 20%. Ceramic lined pipe corrosion or high temperature use, the price of stainless steel pipe only, part of the NiTi tube.
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