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SSAW Steel Pipe Manufacturing Process

Date:2018-01-19    View:940      Tag:SSAW Steel Pipe Manufacturing Process
Spiral submerged arc welded pipe manufacturing process:
(1) strip, wire, flux of raw materials. Before entering the physical and chemical must undergo rigorous testing.
(2) the use of submerged arc welding, the use of single or double wire in the strip submerged arc welding with steel head and tail docking.
(3) Prior to forming, the strip is flattened, cut, edged, shaved, surface cleaned, and trimmed after shipping.
(4) Use electric contacts on both sides of the conveyor to control the cylinder pressure to ensure the smooth delivery of the strip.
(5) the use of internal or external control roller.
(6) Welding gap control device to ensure that the weld gap to meet the welding requirements, diameter, volume and the wrong side of the weld gap has been strictly controlled.
(7) The United States Lincoln welding machine using single and double wire submerged arc welding and welding, to obtain a stable welding specifications.
(8) Continuous ultrasonic inspection of weld after welding to ensure 100% coverage of nondestructive testing of spiral weld. If defective, automatic alarm and spray labels, the production worker adjusts the process parameters and eliminates the defects.
(9) using a plasma cutting machine cutting a pipe.
(10) After cutting into a single pipe, each batch of steel should be strictly inspected the system, check the mechanical properties of the weld, chemical composition, the state of fusion, the surface quality of steel and flaw detection after the test to ensure that qualified steel at Put into production before formally put into operation.
(11) Continuous acoustic flaw marks welds, manual ultrasound, and X-ray inspection, if defects reappear after destructive testing until defects are confirmed to have been eliminated.
(12) Steel butt welds and helical welds intersect with D-joints that run through X-ray television or film inspection.
(13) Each tube hydrostatic test pressure radial seal. Strict control of computer test equipment to test pressure pipe pressure and time. Test parameters automatically print the record.
(14) pipe end processing, so that the end face vertical, blunt bevel and precise control.

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