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Cold Drawn Pipe Process

Date:2018-01-22    View:1003      Tag:Cold Drawn Pipe Process
Cold drawn non-uniform thickness of the reasons for the uneven steel:
1) cutting the slope, through the big bend, the center of the hole error easily lead to uneven wall thickness.
2) When the perforation extension coefficient is too large, the roll speed is too high, rolling instability.
3) Puncher throwing steel capillary instability can easily lead to uneven thickness of the tail.

Cold drawn seamless steel thickness uneven measures
(1) Check the quality of the tube to prevent the incision before the tube incline, reduce the volume, replacement or repair should be corrected through the center hole.
(2) reduce the perforation rate, to ensure the stability and uniformity of thick hair. When the roller speed adjustment, the corresponding guide plate is also adjusted accordingly.
3) The use of national attention and guidance disc guide plate bolts, increase inspection efforts to reduce the impact of lead in the rolling plate in the magnitude of impact, to ensure the stability of steel.
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